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This account is no longer active, all my energy is over at PERFECT REJECT
Let me know what you think of it.

PERFECT REJECT – Tattered, torn and loved are plush toys, unique as sculptures, evoking our empathy by joyfully reflecting our human imperfections. Play with a lovable PERFECT REJECT, open a doorway to celebrate our differences. Celebrate imperfection as a source of joy, strength, magic and empowerment.
Imperfect means I’m perfect/you’re perfect – just the way we are.

PERFECT REJECT starts their life as a used plush toy, rescued from a local thrift store or flea market. Through an elaborate creative process of inverting, adding and subtracting they are made into a unique character. Each Perfect Reject is the result of an individual creative process and just like its human creator, no two are the same. Each character is numbered by us and named by you. They are collectable.


Animated Lego Digital Box

The implications are endless.

Expendable Cash?

For the truly adventurous diners, Dinner in the Sky straps you into your chair, then hoists you and the table with a crane 180 feet above, for a 360 degree view of the city. If your corporate meeting needs a lift or for that truly unique wedding, if you have the money, Dinner in the Sky can accommodate your wishes.
This quickly catching on outfit is operating in 28 countries and requires bookings 2 months in advance. Twenty-two guests can enjoy a meal prepared & served by a chef and waiter.

Forbes has called it the Most Unusual Restaurants In The World.                   GoodFood on KCRW interviewed co-partner David Ghyselsf.

I’m open to try it but it is out of my budget. Anyone willing to treat me? There is one in Brussels.

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It’s Ok To Be Takei!

Takei Mug

Takei Mug

In response to state Sen. Stacey Campfield of Tennessee getting the state Senate Education Committee to approve a bill prohibiting teachers from talking about homosexuality “Mr. Sulu” has offered his name.          
“Any time you need to say the word ‘gay,’ you can just say the word ‘Takei,’”.

Herschel, the Magnificent Jew