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“Little Adults”

Mesmerizing and haunting photos by Anna Skladmann. “Little Adults” is a series that explores what if feels like to grow up as a privileged child in Russia. I thought about the wonderful Up Series of documentaries by Michael Apted that explores the socio-economic background of British children. It will be curious to see where these “Little Adults” end up in seven years.

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How To Photograph an Atomic Bomb -NOW an App in iTunes

Peter Kuran released an iPad version of this amazing book: How To Photograph an Atomic Bomb.

Author Peter Kuran’s engrossing and powerful arrangement of these complex photographic techniques along with the astonishing photographs themselves creates an intriguing intersection at which the viewpoint of the casual observer becomes one of insightful witness.
Based on the book of the same name, the app features amazing, high resolution videos that can be played back and forth to see what is happening frame by frame during the detonation of an atomic bomb.

An interview of Kuran talking about the making of this book can be heard here.

Lioness Steals Show

While documenting the lion movements for a new book, Jason G. Goldman left the camera on the ground to try to capture some interesting footage. Some surprising results were captured.

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Cinema in Silhouette

Shadowgraphy (or Ombromanie) is the art of using hands to form figures onto a screen using shadows. Its origins go back to 850 AD in Indonesia and (618-907) in China during the Tang Dynasty. It was made popular by Félicien Trewey (1848-1920), a French entertainer who travelled in Europe and America giving shows at music halls. He was billed as ‘Mons. Trewey, the Fantasiste, Humoristique, in his Shadowgraph Entertainment’.


Save the Cerrado


A giant pack of crayons…

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A vast patchwork of kaleidoscopic colour, Holland’s tulip fields are clearly nothing to be sneezed at. From the air it looks as though a giant toddler armed with a box of super-sized crayons has been let loose on the Dutch countryside… if the lines weren’t quite so perfect.

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The Decline of the Roman Empire

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Fallen City with a Heart of Gold

Leave it to the French to find a strange and poignant beauty in the reeling and degraded remnants of the once-great American nation. This past April, after more than five years of exploration amid the back alleys, ruined halls, pot-holed streets, and emptied factories of the failing Queen of Midwestern Cities, Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre released their photographic homage to the place, The Ruins of Detroit. And the results of these two French artists’ prurient and somewhat sordid interest in the fallen city reveals—in much the same way that porn reveals—something about the hidden beliefs, latent habits of thought, and dark submerged impulses that exist in some subterranean place in the heart of our culture.

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