Whole Foods Parking Lot

Another way of working outside the “Hollywood” model is to create a collective of your choice. A collective is a viable and exciting paradigm to work in, very exciting.

Fog and Smog is a creative collective of culture vultures from the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles. Some of us work as composers, some as film editors, producers, designers, deejays, animators, photographers, etc.
Our first project, “Whole Foods Parking Lot” was written produced and performed by DJDave aka David Wittman, and directed by George Woolley with Pedram Torbati. Jake Pushinsky cut it, and both Ben Kahle and Ben Marlbrough appear in supporting roles. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.


One response to “Whole Foods Parking Lot

  1. I love it. That’s so brilliant. Makes me wanna make one, wish I’d made that one. is gettin’ real. Folks are gettin’ real. makes me feel, I see the deal, turn the wheel, more oatmeal, don’t steal, twist the tab to reseal, get over the ordeal, lyrics reveal, my guitar named Lucile, bring my heart to heel, behind the wheel in the whole food parking lot, and that’s sayin’ a lot. I’m not sayin’ it’s not, nothing I forgot, video fraught with whatever whatnot, I bought a kumquat to boycott the onslaught of the hotshot slingshot, and it made me wanna write wrap lyrics.

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