How to Live Forever

Once again the topical subject of the life extension science is upon us. A new documentary film by Mark S. Wexler’s opens on 6/3/11 here in LA.

The baby boomers, which I am one of, are shitting in their pants with fear about dying.
They started with cosmetic surgery to hide the signs of their mortality, now years later with the pending doom pounding louder on their door, Kurzweil has entered the picture with 2045. Transcendent Man a documentary about Kurzweil by director Barry Ptolemy is still ranking #2 on iTunes.

Ram Dass states in the documentary Ram Dass Fierce Grace  that at this stage of his life he is here to help the baby boomers deal with aging, infirmity, and disability by pointing the way to a higher understanding of these mysteries. I hope that he talks louder.


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