Expendable Cash?

For the truly adventurous diners, Dinner in the Sky straps you into your chair, then hoists you and the table with a crane 180 feet above, for a 360 degree view of the city. If your corporate meeting needs a lift or for that truly unique wedding, if you have the money, Dinner in the Sky can accommodate your wishes.
This quickly catching on outfit is operating in 28 countries and requires bookings 2 months in advance. Twenty-two guests can enjoy a meal prepared & served by a chef and waiter.

Forbes has called it the Most Unusual Restaurants In The World.                   GoodFood on KCRW interviewed co-partner David Ghyselsf.

I’m open to try it but it is out of my budget. Anyone willing to treat me? There is one in Brussels.

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3 responses to “Expendable Cash?

  1. That is amazing! And so much more uplifting than the ringworm story. Leave it to the Europeans to get up to something soaringly high minded and visionary. I would lose my lunch!

    • What do you mean more uplifting than the ringworm story? I found the “The HELMINTH treatment” very optimistic, particularly for people who may suffer from MS, Crohn’s, asthma or allergies. There may be a curve with those worms.

      • Chris Casady

        I didn’t actually read the ringworm story, I couldn’t stomach it. The pictures were enough to turn me away. I’m glad it has a happy point to make.

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